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In the area of Vourvourou, next to the pine-clad forest and on the Sithonia regional road, one can find the family lodgings “Nikos – Panagiota”.
This is a small family-run business comprising of a three-level building with apartments and studios.
The studios are able to accommodate up to two people, whereas the apartments can accommodate three and/or four people.
They all have a WC/shower, a fully equipped kitchen, air condition (A/C), TV, Wi-Fi and a veranda with a view of the sea and the islets in the region.
In the lush green garden with lawn and flowers that surrounds the building, you can find swings for young children, a covered parking area as well as a barbecue area underneath a large pergola.
Enjoy the crystal, clean, turquoise waters of Vourvourou’s picturesque beaches, which are located at a short distance, ~5 minutes by car.
From this point you will also have easy access for hiking on Mount Itamos.

Health Protocols for season 2020 due to COVID-19.
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